Bonnie Zinanti

My Artist Statement

Northern California was a wonderful place to grow up and attend school. From the time I was holding crayons and walking I had two obsessions. Anything to do with art and anything to do with the mountains. The Sierra Nevadas were and still are my favorite playground.

In my early twenties I moved to Washington state and then Utah. While raising a daughter and son my education continued. Degrees in art production and design were earned and a certificate in desktop publishing came next. I have worked in the graphic arts field for over 18 years.

I create art using different mediums. Colored pencils, watercolors, acrylics, and collage are a few of them and I enjoy experimenting with new techniques and materials.

My soulmate/husband, Jim, is also an artist. Our creative energy remains positive as we exchange it back and forth between us. I paint and draw what I feel and use subjects that are meaningful to me. It is my wish that observers of my art experience healing or nurturing at whatever level their body, mind, or spirit requires at that moment.

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