Jim Zinanti

My Artist Statement

In my art I pursue beauty through two approaches, one more left brained and one more right brained. On the left, I try to depict the elegance and precision of math, science, and technology. I have a life long interest in these areas and a career as a software engineer. I have been developing some of these art concepts since my early teens. Most of these works can be seen in my engineering art gallery.

On the right, I try to depect the calm and life restoring beauty of nature. I am a life long avid hiker and lover of the outdoors. I try to capture the beauty in what I see, sometimes from life, sometimes from my photographs, and sometimes just by creating a scene which as the elements I loved so much in real places. Most of the paintings in my gallery of oil and acrylic paintings are of this sort. In contrast, most of the paintings in my watercolor gallery are invented scenes based on my memories of real places.

Then, there is the middle. At times some idea occurs to me which just needs to be followed. Examples of these occur in most of my galleries, but especially in my gallery of pencil and pen drawings.

Bonnie and I have had some wonderful artistic adventures together. We often inspire the other with terrific ideas that lead to terrific paintings. We give encouragement to the other when needed. And we're just each other's best friend. It's wonderful to have such a wonderful partner in art and in life.

That's enough boring stuff about me. But I think you'll enjoy seeing some of my artwork.

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